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Some people are scared from it, others embrace it. I am kind of both, but since Uranus (the planet of change & freedom) is conjunct my Moon at the MC, I am used to swing into different directions & feelings, since it resides in Libra in my chart, I am able to harmonize, justify and balance it out and intentionally make all involved parties happy or at least I try.
This energy is also giving me anxiety at times as it’s a very eratic energy. Uranus, a.o. responsible for technology and electricity (brain neurons) and ruler of the (air) sign Aquarius which is striving for equality, brotherhood and freedom is responsible for change. Uranus gives me rebellious, brilliant, insightful ideas with forsight or the ability of looking back holistically. 
With change (mr. Uranus) comes transformation (mr. Pluto) and with transformation comes also fear (mr. Saturn). But actually it starts with Pluto, since he is the slow-mover, radiating it's energy the farrest from earth, determing generations to transform.
Pluto is wrapping up (currently Jan’23) in Capricorn, making it’s shift to Aquarius soon. Pluto digs deep under the surface, he is the ruler of the underworld, keeping its secrets underneath. But since he will ingress to Aquarius shortly it needs to tidy up rest matters in Capricorn and it’ll dig the last 'secrets' up what is needed to shed light on and to be transformed. It cannot bear the light, it likes to be in the dark to control and keep the light out, it’ll use manipulative tactics to keep the scenes unseen. Saturn is the scrupulous father with the cold hand who is about justification, you reap what you sowed. We don’t want that, we don’t want our shadows come to the light, it creates fear. But what was first? The fear or the secrets? Or do they come hand in hand? What resides in the subconscious and needs to be pulled to the consious mind? What needs resolutions to stop it (shadow-self) lurking in the dark?
Uranus is the lightning strike, like Gyro Gearloose when he has an idea and he gets this lightbulb on top of his head. And let's not forget when we put Neptune in the mix, things get misted, blurry, vague as if we are flying through the clouds and sometimes we want to do that deliberately for not facing reality, secrets, fears.. Let’s be honest, it’s more easy to live in a delusional bubble and look through colored glasses. Saturn is also tidying up at it's final degrees of Aquarius before it moves into Pisces, where he will pierce the Neptunium bubble.
In order to grow, change is needed, inevitable. To transform the dark places into the light. To confront your shadow parts, the parts where the light is needed, forcefully stripped away, to work through those parts of yourself which you would like to keep berried under the surface in one's own created 'inauthentic' (ridget, limited believes) comfort zone.
Uranus creates this crack, so the light can come in. Fears are brought to the surface to be worked through and released so transformation can take place. So eventually we change & grow as a person & soul whilst we concur these fears, fighting the shadow, put our glasses of and face the light to transform it positively.
That's strenght.
The light doesn’t have a shadow.
So be the light.


January 27, 2023: All planets are direct and the square between Saturn and Uranus is released, changes (related to self undoing social status) can happen in full force, specifically if it touches planets and/or angles in your chart. (Pluto is at 28°)






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