How to calculate your Tarot Soul Card

Your soulcard gives information about your deepest wishes, dreams & fulfillments.

You can calculate your soulcard by doing the following: Add all the vowels of your full name (first-, middle-, lastname) and search for the corresponding Major Arcana card. Reduce the number if needed.

In my case I come to 31 (my house number), so it'll be 3+1=4, which is the Emperor (my Sun is in the 4th house in my horoscope, I am born in the 4th month, the Emperor is represented by Aries and I am an Aries of the 3rd decanate of Aries, which is represented by my birth card: the 4 of wands. My lifepath number is also 4. How many 4's do I wish to have more😂.

So, the Emperor and the 4 of Wands (minor arcana) represents 'me'.



0. Fool                          

1. Magician

2. High Priestess

3. Empress

4. Emperor (Aries)

5. Hierophant (Taurus)

6. Lovers (Gemini)

7. Chariot (Cancer)

8. Strength (Leo)

9. Hermit (Virgo)

10. Wheel of Fortune 

11. Justice (Libra)

12. Hanged Man

13. Death (Scorpio)

14. Temperance (Saggitarius)

15. Devil (Capricorn)

16. Tower 

17. Star (Aquarius)

18. Moon (Pisces)

19. Sun

20. Judgement

21. World



How to calculate your lifepath number✨

Your lifepath tells you about who you are at your core.

Add up al the numbers of your birthday and reduce to 1 number.

Example: mine is 19 april 1970:

1+9+4+1+9+7+0= 31 = 3+1= 4

Look up what your number has to say


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