Moon Phases

From New Moon to Full Moon, from start to finish.

With the new moon you set intentions, with the full moon it comes to fruition (this is how manifesting with the moon works, read all about it in Yasmin Bolands book: Moonology).

That part what is not lit is held secret from you from your past. The moon is about the past and about your emotions. How you perceive life & experiences. What do you feel?

Under which moon are you born? It says a lot about your personality and what you can accomplish in this lifetime. 

The part what is not lit, is still to learn. Know that the Moon's energy stands for 'secrets', the hidden. Illuminated only by the Sun. The part what is not lit is your potential & challenge to learn in this life. The part what is darkened is the part what is hidden to learn to  reach a fully lit moon. You can calculate which degrees of your moon is in the dark till it's full. Look up your moon phase once you know where your moon is in your chart.

You can check your moonphase here

Wanna look up where you moon is? Check

Check the degree & phase, then look up where the next moon is full at your moment of birth. If you are born after the full moon, you can calculate from the degree from the full moon to the degree where your moon sits in your chart, these degrees are amplified where to experience abundance, challenge, learn etc. etc.

To give you an example*:

I am born under the waxing gibbous Libra moon at 8°, 10th House. Two days after my birth the Moon was full, being a Pink Moon at 22° Libra. So the part what isn't lit lies between 8° - 22° Libra in my 10th house.
Each moon phase takes about 3,5 days. Meaning the 22° degree is the average degree of the Full Moon in Libra. The maximum degree of the Full Moon in April 1970 was at 1° Scorpio. In my case exact conjunct my Ascendant ruler Jupiter. Here the light is full, the point where I am given the opportunity to reach my full potential. Since the moon is conjunct Jupiter, it means birth. Spiritual mastery, gifts, teaching, soul searching.
Interesting as well is to look in which season the moon is in your chart. Mine is in Libra, which is fall. When the Sun is conjunct my Moon every year arround October 3, I reach a turning point when a cummulation of the period between April 19 and October 3 takes place and karmic events play out (karma: negative & positive to become neutral) till October 17 (14 days) than 8 days later illumination takes place till October 25 where the Sun is conjunct my Natal Ascendant ruler Jupiter in Scorpio and into Scorpio season the light slowly dimms heading winter as the time is come for contemplation. This period effects my body heavily, this is the eastern part of my chart, entering Hermit-mode till March 30, till the Sun comes into Aries again. Autum & Spring equinox play a huge energetic role in my life. 
Anybody aspecting that point in synastry is a contributor in your life (path). When it conjuncts SN/NN or Saturn with another person, this person is crucial for your development, since fate is envolved.

If you are born after the full moon, you take the degree on the day where the moon is full and the point where your moon is. That route and degrees are highlighted to go back and re-do/re-master things.
If you are born on a new moon, you'll get a zodiacal clean slate in the sign & house located. With a full moon a 'been there, done that' energy, you master the sign & house. 

Interesting as well is to look at the composite moon phase, to see the dynamics of the relationship and see if it matches individually. 

To go any deeper, look where your pre-natal new moon sits in your chart. What was the constellation at the time before you where born in the belly of your mother, what theme was important, was it eclipse season, what happened in your mothers life at the time? Said is that as early as the second week of pregnancy, there is a two-way flow of cells and DNA between the fetus and the mother. Cells containing DNA from the fetus cross the placenta and enter the mother’s blood circulation, while cells from the mother cross in the opposite direction and transfer into fetal circulation. [Read full article here.]. DNA has memory as it contains universal energy as it leaves a chemical mark on a person's genes. An energetic imprint is passed on to the child and future generations.

*(Please take the theory as it resonates as this is based upon my own logic & experiences)


There are 8 moon phases:

πŸŒ‘ 0°    new moon

πŸŒ’ 45°  waxing crescent moon

πŸŒ“ 90°  first quarter moon

πŸŒ” 135° waxing gibbous (expending)

πŸŒ• 180° full moon

πŸŒ– 225° waning gibbous moon (or disseminating moon)

πŸŒ— 270° third quarter moon (or last quarter moon)

🌘 315° waning crescent moon (or balsamic moon)


πŸŒ‘ If you are born under a new moon, it is not lit at all by the Sun, caused by being 0° away from the Sun; this moon makes you are eager to try new things & challenges in the house and sign where the moon resides. So you are a rookie in that area in this lifetime. For example, if your new moon is in Libra in your 10th house, than relationships at the work floor is the area where you are enthousiastic, creative and challenged in this lifetime. 

[Astro-seek: Birth, Beginning, Enthusiasm, New Opportunities, Clarity]

πŸŒ– If you are born under a waxing crescent moon, a small part is lit as the moon is 45° away from the Sun and a lot is to explore in this lifetime to rebuild. You may be stubborn, but also steady. Again, depending which house & sign tells you in which area of your life this takes place.

[Astro-seek: Expansion, Growth, Struggle, Opportunity]


πŸŒ“ If you are born under a 1st quarter moon, the half part is lit, 90° away from the Sun. Light & dark is equal. You know what you want and go after your goals, but also know the constraints. Fear about the future might come up.

[Astro-seek: Change, Action, Seize the day, Expression, Growth]


πŸŒ” If you are born under a waxing gibbous moon, the moon is allmost fully illuminated, being 135° away from the Sun. You are here to reach your full potential. The moon is getting bigger. Person looks outward to fulfill their goals.

[Astro-seek: Consolidating gains, Expanding, Analyze, Prepare, Trust]


πŸŒ• If you are born under the full moon, the moon is fully lit by being exact opposite the Sun with 180°. You have the potential to fulfill your goals with high energy.

[Astro-seek: Culmination, Fulfillment, Illumination, Realization, Experience]


πŸŒ– If you are born under the waning gibbous moon, the light is getting less, being 225° away from the Sun. Also called a disseminating (widely spread or soread thin) moon. Person looks inward to fulfill their goals. Learned what has been illuminated and retrospects what needs to change or dine differently.

[Astro-seek: Scattering seeds, Distribution, Teach, Sharing and Introspection]


πŸŒ— If you are born under the third quarter moon, the light is again half seen, being 270° away from the Sun. You might feel that it is difficult to leave the past behind. Remember, the moon is about feelings from the past. You don't have fear about your present & future.

[Astro-seek: Reality check, Revision, Integration, Cleansing]

🌘 If you are born under the waning crescent moon, also called the balsamic moon, 315° away from the Sun, you are in for some shadow work, it's a karmic moon. This is called the Dark Moon. It relates to one's destiny. Time for soothing & restore & renewal. 

[Astro-seek: Closure, Preparation, Incubation, Transformation, Renewal, Purity]

The great gig in the sky - 4.44' Pink Floyd

album: dark side of the moon


Soulmates on a perfect fit?

New moon πŸŒ‘ & πŸŒ• Full Moon 

Waxing crescent 🌘 & πŸŒ– Waning Gibbous

First quarter πŸŒ“ & πŸŒ— Last quarter

Waxing gibbous πŸŒ’ & πŸŒ– Waning crescent 



If you match the moons of 2 persons you can see the potential & challenges of a relationship dynamic; ideal (what is the perception of ideal?) is when the moon completes; meaning they complement eachother. But when you have i.e. a waxing gibbous with a waning gibbous moon, you see that one person was born before a full moon and the other after a full moon. If you match both you'll see the middle part illuminated but from both ends and the dark parts what needs to be discovered. The waxing person looks much more outwards to fullfill their goals and the waning person is more contemplating and together they match in the middle and complement where the other is lacking and vv. This can mean that someone is there to enter your life as a lesson from both ends. It all depends on the chart, house, signs and nodes envolved. I.e. person A has a first quarter moon at birth and person B has a last quarter moon at birth. You can say a perfect fit at glance, but if one has it in Scorpio and the other in Aries, you are dealing with an inconjunction (quincunx aspect) between the signs, meaning that feelings doesn't match as water & fire are enemies. And if person A has its moon in the 11th house and the other in the 4th, the two are not that competable emotionaly in where their feelings are priotitized.

Whilst if you happen to have your moons in opposite signs, you definitely have to learn something together as opposites compliment. If you have it in the same sign, than it's a match made in heaven. 

The last may be ideal, but lessons & blessings go hand in hand, in general it's not all rosemary & thyme and matches are not only based upon moon signs, but the whole chart is envolved πŸ₯€.