Loosening of the band - Zodiacal Releasing

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Today's little moments are tomorrow's precious memories 

Zodiacal releasing is an ancient timing technique that times the precise chapters of a person's life. Not much what I know about and for me an astrological concept what I find difficult to comprehend. I started learning about it when I came a cross a specific date that the LB (loosening the band) was activated. Looking back at dates earlier in my life, I couldn't match anything in particular what I remembered happened after releasing a band.

Anyhow, 15 October 2022 a band was released in the sign of Pisces. That day a Lunar Eclipse took place conjunct my Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter is my chart ruler and rules my body. Pisces is the spiritual sign. 12th House related. Neptune rules the sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

Throughout 2022 I experienced, starting a month before my birthday, every month arround the same date health issues. It started with Covid-19 on March 20. It took me 2 months in total to recover fully. So by the time it was summer I was feeling ok, besides having on and of toothache, pain in the neck & eyes. The NN was conjunct my Venus (ruler of my health & career house) and Mercury (ruler of my relationship & higher learning house) and to Saturn, the planet of Karma. For months it popped up, every month between the 15th and the 20th aches where there, a piece broke of and (see my earlier blog post), I had a lot of treatments for it but every month the agony came back of it. 
By the time of the fall equinox, things got more serious. The 20th September I got again a treatment for the tooth. Thinking that would be it, but after a few days I needed antibiotics and on&off I carry on with work & life. A month later on the 15th of October, I am unable to sit or lay down anymore as I have incredible pain in my lower back (I have a Saturn in Taurus: meaning the bones) and got sent for an x-ray where Artroses is diagnosed in my lower back. I am unable to function properly and morfine is the solition to get me going again. Though in the meantime the health issues are piling up and taking it's toll physically & mentally. 

In the meantime I started seeing a pattern that every month between the 15th & 20th some health issues where popping up in the extreme. Also I noticed during these dates elestic bands popped up on my doorstep in my backyard or I saw them on the street. In the begiining I didn't pay attention to it, sometimes one, sometimes 3. But after a while I connected the dots, because when I found them, the next day I had a health issue or some other crisis restraint was showing itself. Weird stuff. It turns November. My tooth starts aching again. My facial skin is getting rashes and sweaty. This time it's the 8th of the month. The number 8 is the infinity loop connected with strenght, Leo and the 8th house is the Scorpio house: matters of life & death, transformation, surgery. At night I wake up pretty sick, taking much medication to reduce the pain and lower the fever. I decide to wait till morning rise to call for medical help. To cut a long story short, I get an appointment to go to the hospital at 4pm that day. Before I leave I find 8 eleastic bands on my terras outside and many crows are circling above my house before I leave. It took 2 hours to get the tooth out and with 2 stiches and again antibiotics I am send home. All pain was immediately gone beside the healing pain. The chart of the event was set with the ascendant & decendant at the critical 29° degree of Aquarius & Leo. In my house Leo sits in my 8th house and the 29° trines my natal Sun. Fixed star Regulus  rules the 29° of Leo, since it is trine my Sun in Aries it gave me the positive and needed energy to go through this. As you can see in the chart below, Scorpio has a full house and with the South Node in it, it is time to let go and the stellium tells about a surgery. Saturn & Pluto is in the 12th house which represents a hospital, whilst Saturn has just past my 'lot of death' and Pluto represents death and transformation. 
I feel reborn after the tooth is pulled out. The phoenix went to ashes. It was critical, very critical, the infection is represented by Neptune on 22th degree. The 22th degree is a famous critical degree, ruled by Capricorn, the lord of Capricorn is Saturn. Neptune is the Lord of Pisces and rules the 12th house of life-undoing. Jupiter (the doctor) is conjunct Neptune and at the critical degree of 29. I was lucky, I passed out allmost 2 times and was told I had the worst jaw infection that exists, but I rised from the ashes due to my strong Mars and was amazed by my body how strong it's resilience is.

It took me months to recover, by January I was back on my feet again. Got a mental & physical break by the Universe till February.

8 november 2022, 4.15PM

By that time I feared every month the dates and the elastic bands. I still kept finding them, close to my house it meant personal crisis, on the street a crisis outside of me. I learned the language of the Universe.

On 23-2-2023 at 11.21AM (my birthtime during daytime, I experienced an traumatic event what brought up many unhealed mental trauma in my life. Whilst the full year I had body wise karma to deal with to heal, this time mental healing was brought up to the surface to work through to bring to the light. Pluto is heavily digging up all shadow parts and when Pluto does it, life & death is envolved. I knew for a while this time was coming, since Pluto is square my Sun and stripping layer by layer coping mechanisms, inauthenticities, self-sabotage, ego away and when Pluto is envolved it is without any mercy. 

Allmost my full solar year (april 2022-2023) I spent at home in my bed, going through mental & physical pain, being sick, recovering, contemplating and searching myself again, fell down and got back on my feet many times. My chart axis on the IC/MC where in the 12th degree, related to the 12th house, the house of self-undoing, hidden away from the outside world. Throughout the year I made new friends, all born under the sign of Scorpio. They where helpers in my times of crisis. Divinly guided & timed. In total I found 13 elastic bands throughout the year in or near my house. Elastic bands signifies metaphorically resiliency. It was as more than tough. I faced and still facing my deepest fears. Since a month they stopped (the last one was formed in the shape what stands for fruition), after finding a purple feather in my home and the bands got replaced with seeing the (angel) numbers 444 & 555. The number 444 stands for protection and 555 stands for major life changes. 444 Is currently in Aries near Chiron (the wounded healer, healing the wound of self) & Jupiter. The healing energy is remarkable sensed: learning & healing experiences. 555 Is close to Saturn which is on its way to conjunct my North Node in Pisces. Some karma is cleared out with major life changes. The upcoming Solar Eclipse is conjunct my Sun at the 29th degree of Aries. Said is that several months before the eclipse it's energy is sensable. My Sun was definitely already eclipsed, since the Sun stands for your overal being. My spritual awareness and seeing the unseen was released.

I am humble. This Persephony wants to spread Phoenix wings again after being crumbled at the depths of my soul shaking hands with Hades a couple of times. But still need to concur the remainder of this transformational transit for next 1,5 year of Pluto squaring my Sun and experiencing what the next eclipse brings me. It will be arround my home and core being. Most likely the past year prepped me for the upcoming phase to set transformation forward in motion. Pluto is power and slowly I'm gaining it back again. I can say that being clairsentience is a part of me what I can't deny or push away anymore. A blessing in disguise and a comfort that all what we see in the material world (Taurus) is driven & divinely guided from the unseen world (Scorpio). A bond was definitely loosened!


This is me💜

(Song Keala Settle - Greatest Showman)

Solar Return Chart 19.04.2022



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