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Do you experience seeing double digit numbers, on a clock, license plate or anywhere? Just pay attention to them, which nummers you see repeatedly and as soon as you see them try to remember what you where thinking or doing, as these moments will give you the clues what it is about.

Currently the nummer 44 & 55 are stalking me since the beginning of 2023. Waking up at 4.44 or 5.55 numerous times, license plates, emails, timing, you name it, it's 44 and 55 seeing everywhere. The number 44 is about protection and 55 is about change. Adding 44 (4+4) you come to 8. The infinity number. The Strength card in the Tarot. The number of all what I don't see, but what I sense.
44 Is located conjunct the degree of the Galectic Centre (GC) in astrology in my chart. The GC is the portal to the 'other world'. Have you ever noticed arround 20 December every year, around the winter solstice and where eclipses taking place, that you might be more sensitive. It's around x-mas time, where we turn to our families and think about our loved ones and help those in need. 
Number 44 is connected to Angel Hariel it symbolizes purity, inspiration & liberation. [The Angel Hariel helps us to take care of our body. This guardian loves cleanliness in all areas. He will help you to change your habits to have a healthier home, a healthier mind, and a body free of all its impurities. For this, the angel Hariel will help you to heal your wounds, to lighten the burden of your body, and to purify your soul!-  text/article thanks to Susan Taylor/Astrofame] 

Adding 55 (5+5) you come to 10, the end of a cycle (the World card in the Tarot) and adding 10 (1+0) is 1 (the Magician in the Tarot) which stands for new beginnings. In my chart 55 is exact conjunct my natal retrograde Pluto. Deep rooted major life & soul changes. The number is also associated with the TF journey. Where number 44 is associated with habitual changes, 55 is related to changes arround location, work & relationships.

When synchronized numbers come into your awareness, note that you are 'guided' to the path you meant to be on. This sounds all woo-woo and in fact it just is in day-to-day life. For years I couldn't match it all together, I was only aware of it as part of my life, never understood any meaning of it.

Than we have the number 22. It's all about coming together, being on the right path. Mirror the two number 2's and you'll get a heart shape.

In astrology the number 22° is associated being a critical number (same as the 0°, 29°, 15° and 18°). A number that doesn't play out as well what we might. Throughout my experience it's indeed a tricky degree in Astrology whenever a planet or light or asteroid touches the degree, specially if you have aspects conjunct it. Throughout the Corona pandemic, Neptune (very slow moving planet) was several times on and of at this degree in Pisces. Several times due to the retrograde phases. Neptune (Pisces ruler, outer & collective planet) is a.o. responsible for viruses. Depending which house in your chart is ruled by Pisces, you can locate in which area of your life you felt the consequences of it. Mine happened to be in my 3rd house and I was psychologically hit much by it. My solar chart for 2021 had a 12th house cusp starting at 22° Aries and it was exactly conjunct transitting Ceres and natal asteroid Karma. A year of psychologicly undoing with a focus on total self care. The year we all where (still) hidden from the world. Neptune was semi-sextile my natal Karma asteroid.

Solar return chart of 2021


My Karma asteroid (3511) is on 22° Aries. Oops, Aries stands for fights, fiery actions, hit & run and it's all about 'me'. Karma stands for balancing out positive/negative energy into neutral position. 
Since I am a 29° Aries, I am bound to experience stuff to wrap up anything left wrapping karmicly up in this degree, before I can start a Taurus journey with a beginners mind as the 0° is a 'newbie' degree, whilst the 29th is a 'been there, done that' degree, but you still have to finalize unfinished business in that sign/house. It's a karmic & fated degree. An Anaretic degree (29°) is fated, gives crisis.
Anyhow, with having the asteroid Karma at 22° in Aries I can expect futurewise and I experienced bloody (life/death) events in my life (wrote another post about that), since it's at the critical 22nd degree. The late (R.I.P. 2021) and great astrologer Nikola Stojanovic did a full research on this degree and how fatal it can be.

Last night I woke up by my cat (fun fact for astrologers: my cat was born with a north node at 22° Cancer 6th house!) as I was gifted -in the bedroom again- this time with a bird. Birds are highly evolved spiritual animals, they're messengers. Sleepdrunk I turn on the light of my phone to see what it was as initially I thought it was a mouse. The poor little one was crying & shaking of fear when I lifted her up with a damaged wing covered with some blood. I had her in my hands, cuddling her and not knowing what to do. I scared of my cat out of the house. I took a shoebox, put an old T in it and put her inside the box, where she is safe & warm. I put the lit on it (it had holes in it, so she had oxygen) and went back to sleep where I put the box safely away. The next morning I wake up early and open up the lit of the box. This tiny little (still a baby) bird is sitting very comfortable & relaxed with her cute eyes open and she decides to fly.. as probably stressed seeing me. Not that handy. Fortunately she sits and I can lift her up. I keep her in my hands and I manoeuvre through the house bringing her outside. I open my hands and she spreads her wings and flies into the tree, having her freedom & life back. The time is 6AM, the current transitting planets are all in the event chart in the 12th house, the house of karma and the ascendant is at 0° Gemini. That's where my Mars is in my natal chart, exact opposite my Neptune-rx in the 12th. Meaning an action is taken from a message from the other side. Gemini is all about messengers. In my blog about the 'veil between life & death' I close up with the sentence: 'I cling to hope, the one thing left in the box and I can't wait that the bird is set free' 

What's left to say? Absolutely nothing. Speechles & humble. Hope is there, next to faith & love.
This is how the Universe works, is showing, is knowing, is balancing, is correcting course, is gifting. Never knowing what you get, but you'll getting it when you don't expect, covered up in events you think they are meaningless.

I am checking the transiting astrological chart, knowing that these days the Moon is in Aries and if I could have made a bet on it I would have won it as I'll check the Moon's degree arround 2AM that night and guess what? 22° Aries. By the time I started writing this post, the moon is at my critical 29° degree exact conjunct my Sun. A cycle came to an end, some karma is settled and a new chapter is starting🙏🏻

Song: Bird set free/Sia

The Universe works in mysterious ways - let it's force allways be with you✨🌙



PS: If you wanna see in your chart where you have the angel numbers? Just add (astro.com) in the section 'additional aspects' the number you are looking for as following: 111111, 222222, 333333 etc. 

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