Save to be Safe

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Life lesson No.1: To keep safe: Save yourself first before you can save others!

Do you know the difference between Save & Safe: Save means to prevent harm or difficulty. Safe means not in danger; free from harm's reach [Google].

We all know when we fly we get the safety instructions first before the plane is airborn. We can allmost lipdub the instructions for those who fly a lot of what we need to do when air pressure is dropped on board of the aircraft (I think the crew is very delighted that nowadays an instruction video is shown). The airhostess is virtually lifting the oxygen mask from the ceiling above you, showing it from all angles and instructs you how to put it on your nose & mouth first and than put it on your children.

And so does it works in your life metaphorically as well.

The base of safety is created in your upbringing. The more stability you've experienced, the better the emotional foundation is grounded for the rest of your life. But what if safety is compromised and you need to save yourself all the time? Or what if you search safety and on the search you are challenged? Than you grow up learning how to fight or when to fight and you create coping mechanisms for yourself to keep going and learning to respond in a survival mode and that forms you throughout your life. Every unsave situation you encounter, you bring yourself into safety again. Your brain and neurons get trained in this, they are programmed & wired like this. 

Coping mechanisms can be of all sorts & addictions, by numbing the pain of senses & emotions through alcohol, drugs, smoking i.e. Hiding away from painfull realities to calm the consious nerves. (Check out in your natal chart your 12th house under which sign & planets they are and look for it's ruler, there you can find what's hidden from you; the 12th house is all about the subconscious and at consious level they're played out in your life the way the sign & planets are about, the experiences can be found through it's ruler).

Patterns of co-dependency can sprout from unsafety; abandonment wounds and rejection leading to unhealthy attachments and will be played out in relationships. 

How to get safe again?

The answer is to rewire your brain. Your brain is a wired system; via neurotransmitters it creates paths, which you yourself have programmed, like a computer, you've downloaded the program and it'll always responses in the way of how it gets fed.

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results" & "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -Albert Einstein- 

So, chances are you keep going in circles.
Outside resources are changing, inside patterns are on a rebound. Behavioral change is the most difficult pattern to tackle. Breaking the circle what gives (unhealthy)comfort is like that little voice in the back of your head keep telling you to change, but every time you run into a trigger you fall back into outdated patterns. It needs a lot of discipline, willpower & strength to break the loop in the hamster wheel. If you are procrastinating or just stuck and it's not the way to go forward, you get pushed by the universe (Quantum leaping? No! Karmic <remember: karma is a balancing act, it creates neutral balance> justifications happen through the lunar nodes, change of planets corresponding to your natal birthchart) to follow the path you are meant to be on. When it's time, it's just time and your path will be aligned. How? By (dramatic) external circumstances. You get a kick on the but to push your limit. People leaving and entering your life. Is it hard? Yes. Is it painfull? Most likely. Is it benifial? Absolutely. Is it worth while? Definitely. Does it feel like you are on a different timeline (quantum leaping as a trend phrase nowadays)? Yes it does, cause you change inside, the way you interact, what you feel, what you experienced, your perspective on things change and so you reached a higher energetic vibration. You ticked a box on your lifepath and a new cycle is opening up. It's like school, you passed the exam and you move into the next grade, leaving past years books & teacher behind for welcoming new books & teachers to prep you for the next level. 

To get safe again, you need to save yourself first.

The transformation process is getting you from A to B to heal deep rooted painful memories & coping mechanisms. It will expose your vulnerabilities, pushing you to change you. 'Cause if you change 'the you' internally, you change 'the you' externally.

How can you do that? 

To learn to love yourself. To learn who you are.

Get to the rootcause of the issue by analyzing your behaviour & responses. Don't be too hard on yourself. Ask yourself what's fair. Learn to listen to yourself and what others have to say. Open up to feedback. Learning to love yourself is learning how to reconcile and acknowledge your shadowparts. Accept who you are. Ask for help if needed.

Selflove? What? How?

Think of what you loved doing as a kid and just do it. Don't let ego boundaries stop you. Start treating yourself how you treat others or vice versa. Learn to turn to yourself to give yourself comfort. Learn to know what it is what you need.

Train your brain to align your mind, body & soul! 

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