The Veil

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The Veil between life & death

Me: Aries
Aries and it's ruler planet Mars stands for war, for blood, for the head, for fire, for red, for pioneer & the first. 

Taurus stellium in the 5th house: Saturn, Mercury, Venus. 

My asteroid Karma is on 22° Aries.

My Sun is at the anaretic degree of 29 Aries in the 4th house, the house of life end.

Both degrees are famous in Astrology for critical situations. Together with my MidHeaven 8° Libra Moon and 8° Saggitarius ascendant (yes, conjunct fixed star Antares*: Scorpio’s heart) they cause Plutonic situations where I happen to be at the right place and right time (hopefully protected throughout my life🙏🏻). Why they cause plutonic situations? Because they are at the 8°, which is the 8th house in astrology, which is Scorpio's residence, ruled by the God of the Underworld: Pluto and also planet Mars. Jupiter is my chart ruler, since I have ascendant Saggitarius and my Jupiter is in Scorpio, retrograde. Meaning I need to re-do & learn lessons from previous existence. 
Scorpio is a.o. the sign of transformation.

With Plutonic situations I mean situations involving life and death. Probably my NeptuneRX (at 0° in the 12th house under influence of house cup Scorpio) in Saggitarius is giving me the insights directly (since my Mars is opposite of it at 0° in Gemini) from the other side and angelwings to thrive upon when crisis knocks on my door. 

The 29° stands for crisis. I experience it like finalizing crisis what my soul needs to learn in this life. The crisis I experience is ‘been there, done that’, I intuitively know how to handle in those situations.

Though my sign ruler Mars is at 0° Gemini 6th house and in that house and sign everything is new to me since it’s at 0°, like a baby with a beginners mind. I need to learn and master the skills of the mind, intellect & communication. Since it’s opposite my NeptuneRx at 0° in the 12th, it gives me genius insights and a witty mind. So eventhough I have been there and done that, I have an open mind and jump to action what crosses my path on a daily base. I simply do it, I serve, I talk, I organize, I think, I take care (in a blunt way).

Throughout my life I experience crisis situations where blood & heads are envolved. It started with my own one, when I was 3 years old where I fell on a staircase made of stone. I still have the scar above my ‘3rd eye’ at the middle of my forhead. It happened at the tenniscourt, my Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) resides in my Taurus 5th house (together with Saturn & Venus), the house of children, play, theatre, sports. 

The most accidents (involving other people) I experienced happening at the workplace and that is connected throughout my life with sports, entertainment, travel. I have worked as a travel agent in the ski industry in the italian Dolomites and one day my colleague and I where skiing and she get knocked off her ski’s by another person and ends up with her own ski in the back of her head. Blood allover the white snow and all ends well with stitches and a concussion. 19° Capricorn is an important portal in my chart, where a lot of ‘lots’ come together (love & bad luck i.e.). Capricorn (ruled by ‘father’ Saturn) is the icy mountain. Cold bloody incident.

My daughter, Capricorn Sun, North Node, Pluto, Mars, Ceres & Ascendant is my living manifestation of that lot in my life. Twice she fell when she was 4 years old within a timeframe of a couple of months, with her head on a tree trunk at school and 2 scars as silent witnesses shown on her left & right eyebrow. My 19° Capricorn lot lies between her Mars & Ascendant. Again the hand of fate is at play. My Saturn is at 10° Taurus 5th house. Leo is in my 8th house. (For those non astrologers, the 5th house is the house of Leo, so my Saturnian lifelessons lies with anything to do with an earthly and dramatic Leo sport&play theme and the 8th house). Cold bloody incident with my child (Capricorn) hitting a tree trunk (taurus).
The 5th event just occurred recently at my workplace. (10th house Capricorn related).

Currently I am at a point in my life where it seems my (almost) 53 year old footprint on this earth is bringing me to a turning point in my life, add 5+3 and you get 8. As an hour glass, all experiences in my life are adding up and been pushed through the tiny whole, to start a new cycle where my wisdom of my footprint can be shared (or at least I wish & hope able doing that), where Jupiter, Chiron and Venus are currently the helping hand in my house of my soul & being: Aries.

Saturn in Taurus and ruling my capricorn lot is also associated with bones and my my back is slowly deteriorating and blocked me a few months ago. Saturn says stop.

The past year (5th house profection year) gave me a bunch of challenges and a lot of spiritual signs & insights. The number 5 played a huge role, as well as finding elastic bands at critical moments as a warning to be resilient, double digit numbers and feathers. But however and whatever it is what is guiding me from the other side, I am tremendously grateful that I start learning it's language and humble to be at service. With my rebellious 8th house Lilith (black moon) in Leo, a shadowside is brought to light. With opening up the box of Pandora (asteroid nr 55) at 2°Leo as soon as transiting Lilith entered Leo (in my 8th house). 

I went to Avatar 2 - 'the way of water'  (yes the movie) when Lilith was conjunct asteroid Pandora. For those not known with the movie, Pandora is the planet in the movie where they teleport to.
The first movie was released in 2010 and I was pregnant at the time and what I experienced when seeing that movie overwhelmed me at all levels. It is my favorite. My daughter was born in December 2010 and we went through a rough couple of years and seeing this movie in the cinema now with her beside me and seeing she is as much overwhelmed as me years ago, I hardly can describe how lucky and grateful I felt having that experience with her.

Water as the element for the emotions, resides in the 4th house (Cancer), 8th house (Scorpio) and 12th house (Pisces). Water gets through everything and let's not forget it's the most powerful force on earth. It can give & destroy life. It can freeze & be boiling hot. It's our life force & source as needed for the soil to sprout a seed, so we can eat and it can destroy a devastating fire or kill us if we can't swim. We can swallow it, but can't breath it. We shatter it when we are in pain. We're made out of it, 70% of our bodies contain it.
Themes of nurturing, motherhood and the whomp, death and transformation and the self-undoing by spiritual means and the gate into the other side, the veil between life & death. 
The dreamy person as I am is able to see so many life lessons and experiences back in this movie and my life. Yes, I guess I am an Avatar as well. Diving deep into another spiritual world, learning soul lessons & healings through cold earthly karmatic accidents & events. 

Beside that healing event the box of Pandora is opening a lot of unhealed fated issues in my life. Due to my sensitivity & spiritual insights to certain energies and jumping in action where help is needed, I am too curious by opening the box what I should have remained closed. Learning that natural forces can't be beaten. 
Learning that instinctual natural enemies stay enemies and I can't make white black and black white, I can only blend 'em into grey. And grey area's are confusional spots. A spot and area I am forcefully pulled away from. Probably red was needed to mix with the grey to turn into a powerful red garnet. Seeing the difference, acknowledging and accepting of what is and stay away from grey area's and taking the rose colored glasses of and just shedding light on the dark.

Pluto is squaring of my Sun exact when I write this. Saturn is at 29° Aquarius and moving to Pisces and hitting my Pholus at 0°, fearing the big bang or embracing the calmness of the healing soul. Saturn is T-squaring my NeptuneRX & Mars, on it's way to my NN in Pisces and squaring of my Ascendant. Pluto is currently still at 29° Capricorn and moving into Aquarius at 0° soon. My shadowside and unfinished karma is brought up to speed onto the surface. The side we wish to keep hidden from the world. A cumulation of events all related to 55, asteroid Pandora.
I cling to hope, the one thing left in the box and I can't wait that the bird is set free to message me with some good news as it's been a lot I have to deal with currently 🕊️❤️‍🩹⏳✨🕊️

Song: Bring me to Life/Evanescence 

* Antares in the constellation of Scorpio is, as its name Ant-ares says, of Martian nature, but to this Mars nature, powers of Mercury, Jupiter and also Saturn are added. Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make daredevils, especially if tied up with the Midheaven, Ascendant, Sun or Jupiter.[Google]



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