Are there glitches in the matrix 🌚?

Gepubliceerd op 1 maart 2023 om 18:59

According to TikTok (and this movie) there are. 

Hmm, I question it in a jokingly way everytime when something at home disappears. ‘We’re having a GIM again’, I say to my daughter and looking at her with an accusing look of ‘where did you leave it?’. That glitch most of the time is just a matter of ‘I left it in a place where I don’t know’ and it pops up somewhere else a few days later.

But there are a few things which just disappeared in the house, which I can’t explain. 3 Fishes just went disappearing from the bowl within a week time. This happened about 3 years ago, a couple of weeks before we went into the pandemic. No sight or sound found ever again from them...🧐. One after the other within a matter of weeks. Initially we wanted to accuse the cats, but they cannot lift a lit and place it back again. They were not in or out the bowl, nowhere...At that point in time strange energies where in the house. Things fell miraculously of the wall and a lamp fell of the ceiling and pierced a table right beside where my daughter was drawing. I am not kidding. The energies of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction where very heavy at the time and (retrograde & stationing to go direct) Uranus was moving out of the cusp (4° Taurus)  from my 4th house into my 5th house in my chart. I simply cannot explain what happened. Both my daughter and I are witnesses.

Over Christmas ‘22, it happened again, this time a splash-screen (for when you’re baking) just disappeared from the kitchen. From one day to the other. Never found it again, it just disappeared into the Matrix✨

Weird stuff what I’m writing, but my life is weird at times🤔.

Things are simply sometimes not explainable. I am sort of starting to get used to it, experiencing things whilst others don’t. I was born with Neptune retrograde in the 12th house (the house of hidden & spiritual things) on 0° Saggitarius and it’s exact opposite of my Mars at 0° in Gemini in the 6th house (the house of day to day life). Mars is my ruling planet, since I am an Aries. 

Neptune rx in the 12th is an energy of the veil between the known and the unknown, it gives glimpses to see through it and maybe it glitches via energetic alignments..? Who knows (well, the universe does🤓)


please read it with a grane of salt; I simply do not know, I only observe & share my experiences 

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