✨Astrology Consultation✨

Available from April 2024

💜 What's offered?
In depth astrology email consultation arround a question related to life path, karma, relationships issues, relationship karma, trauma, past life connections and twin-flame journey.


💜 What will you receive?

Personal intake via (video)call and after the call I will work on your related question. You will receive an in depth personalized email consult related to your question. Practical advice, phychological advice, tips & tricks. After the reading you have the option to contact me in case of any questions or unclarity.

💜 What is needed?

Birth date, place of birth and most important: time of birth (note: with no tob there is no accuracy guaranteed!)


💜 Price?

88,88 Euro


💜 Language?

English or Dutch 


✨discretion quaranteed✨