Born on the 19th of April in the year 1970 - on a waxing gibbous moon [Consolidating gains, Expanding, Analyze, Prepare, Trust. Phase: 159°16’ - Source Astroseek] between the new moon in Aries and the full moon in Libra.

My soulnumber is 4

My favorite number is 8 (coincidence? no!), 8 is is the number of infinity, karma; 2x soul number 4 = 8; 8th house astrology; 8th month of the year Augustus.

Born with the sun in Aries, on the 'critical' 29th degree. (2 (teamwork/pulling everything together) + 9 (ending of a cycle) = 11 (highly spiritual, balancing intuitive qualities/the high priestess in the tarot with the qualities of the magician).

The moon in Libra on the 8th degree and the ascendant in Saggitarius, also on the 8th degree.

Asteroid Karma on the 22nd degree of Aries.

Coincidence? No, discoveries throughout life proved me that all is connected, all has a reason and all is how it needs to be, my chosen lifepath. 

My whole life is a concatenation of repetitive numbers, patterns of people, coincidences, which I wasn't aware of till I went through some very difficult roadblocks, bumpy roads, deep transformational karmic processes which brought me to where i am today, writing these experiences down with the intention to help people to become aware of their consciousness through taking them through my soul's journey in this lifetime. So my story impacts your story, in the best possible way.

I started this journey of life with my south node in virgo.

Keep in mind that the south node drains and the north node gains. 

The other day I got a question. Do we actually have free will. How come that through astrology we can predict a person's life path?

For me astrology is the path we choose before we enter this life to walk a specific destined path to learn valuable spirit growth lessons. No mater how, but some facts are not just free-willed facts, but there is free-will how you choose to cope and deal with that fate. If you stay in a state of pain and victimization you don’t evolve as a spirit and you’ll keep attracting the negative (or what is called negative, it’s all about perception), but if are you evolving to overcome the pain and learn the positive out of the negative than you are able to move on. I needed to learn that the antidote is within the poison. I experienced that you get many chances by the universe to course-correct your path, but the wisdom is to see it. Accept what is and go with the flow when it presents itself. The path is from south to the north node & back again, with the help of the stars: sun & moon, personal planets: mercury, venus, mars, generational aspects: jupiter & saturn, the outer planets: uranus, neptune & pluto and centaur asteroid chiron.



Tuesday March 7, 2023, the moon is full in Virgo at 16°. For 2 years I wanted to write this chapter and hardly anything came out of my brain & hands, today it just flows. This is the time!

A moment in time which will go into the astrology history books, since Saturn moves into Pisces and Pluto has a few weeks left before entering in Aquarius. Some big bangs will occur for the collective and tripples down into the personal, specially if it expects planets in your personal chart directly. We are shifting collectively into a new reality, out with the old, in with the new.

Virgo, earth & mutable, 6th house astrology. The sign of health, service, details. My south node is in it and how it's played out in my life is as following. I am a hypochondriac, I analyse details to the bones, I rewrite & reread every message I want to sent, I serve without thinking, serving is the same as breathing for me. I give care whoever needs it. It gives me some autistic traids and it's just who I am. 
My north node in Pisces on the upper hand has a whirry mind, sees the all, attracted to spirituality, clairvoyant tendencies, has 100 solutions to 1 problem, forgets things, is overly emphatic, clumpsy, is somewhat naive and can be easily fooled. Whilst my south node raises some eyebrows to situations, my north node says 'what the hack, everything for the greater good and collective'. Crosses bluntly boundaries, without thinking.
This axis of Virgo/Pisces is my lifepath. Virgo's south node in my 9th house and my Pisces North Node is in my 3rd house. The 9th house is the house of higher learning, education, long distance travel, higher law and the 3rd house is the house of communication, short travels and intellect (in a nutshell)
Mercury is the planet ruler of Virgo & Gemini. 
Neptune is the planet ruler of Pisces.


The Virgo constellation looks to me like a person sitting in a chair, acting and has everything under control, reaching out it's arms to be at service, whilst when I look at the Pisces constellation, it reminds me of the V symbol of peace.

So 'everything' to do with my lifepath lays in the hands of the planets of Mercury & Neptune(RX retrograde). Neptune is my oriental planet and so emphasis is on that area of my life. In my case the 12th house. The house of self undoing & sacrifice. My 12th house cusp is Scorpio. Deep dive soul searching. Mercury is under the influence of the 5th house in Taurus, conjunct Venus and Neptune in retrograde mode is in the 12th house in Saggitarius. So here we go into more detail of the influences! Neptune as said is in Sagg, but the house cup of my 12th is in Scorpio. Since Neptune is in Sagg and my ascendant is in Sagg, NeptuneRX is ruling what I show to the outside world. Jupiter is my ascendant (chart) ruler. Jupiter is in the 10/11th house in Schorpio and also retrograde. So, cumulatively meaning is that Neptune in Sagg & Jupiter in Scorpio both retrogade is my face what I show to the world. Behind that mask, the energy what I show of is a soul searcher, teacher, secretive 'know it all'

My father was a 5 double 12th house Virgo: Sun, North Node, Mercury, Neptune & Ascendant. His Sun was conjunct my South Node and our life path nodes where opposites, meaning we had a heavy past life connection! He taught me what I knew instinctively and I taught him what he knew instinctively and in that way we supported eachother on our lifepath's as some old karmic lessons to straighten out. Where ever the nodes are touching another person's personal planet you have a karmic fated bond, specifically when the south node makes this connection, you have a past life connection and you have to fullfill something together in this life. Whilst when the north node is connected, you are eachothers game changers for the future.

My mother was also a 5 double Virgo 12th house under house cup Leo: Chiron, Venus, Ascendant, Pars Fortunae, Neptune. Her Sun sign was Leo.


So my Virgo trades are highly crossed over from 'previous existence' (for those who believe in this) and/or fed by my parents energies whilst growing up.

Cancer & Leo are in my 8th house and Virgo is my 9th house. 

As said, my life path is from Virgo to Pisces and back again.
The South node tells you what to leave at rest, it's the comfort zone, things you already know, the North Node is the unknown territory. The vibe you are pulled into, whilst you also can resent it, as it is the opposite and whilst opposites attracks, it also brings subconciously an energy of the unknown and the unknown can be fearfull and fear decodes change. But like said, subconsciously you are pulled into the NN (Nort Node) energy. Looking at it's aspects in your chart, it reveals what & how it'll bring you. The purpose is to align the energies. To balance the energies from opposite perspectives.


Why from Virgo to Pisces and back again?

Look at it this way. Your house and home is your safety place. Your stability, the place of your comfort zone, familiarity. As soon as you leave the house going into the big world to work, to do groceries, to enjoy, meet friend & people, go on trips or whatsover, outside your home you experience and encounter (new) people, places, situations. But at the end of the day, you come home again in your house. Back into your comfortzone and embed/incorporate & process these experiences. And so do the karmic axis of the SN & NN work throughout your life.
That's what karma is all about, to meet in the middle, to come to neutral position.

SN Virgo traids:

- earth

- matter

- 6th house: healthcare, service, day to day matters

- planet Mercury

- details

- controling

- hypochondriac 

- heath care

- facts

- consious acts

- thought through

- strict

- structural

- be of service 

- creating order in the chaos

- clarity

- ridget


NN Pisces traids:

- water

- emotions

- 12th house: self-undoing/karma/past-life

- planet Neptune

- let it go

- all is one, one is all

- dreamy

- subconscious acts

- acts on impulses

- clairvoyant

- sensable antenna

- fictional 

- chaotic

- the collective

- peace

- fog & veils

- addictions

- boundary-less


They're both mutable signs, water & earth

Refer back to the tab on this site of the north & south node explanation 



Virgo is order and Pisces is chaos. Virgo is 'one', Pisces is All. One is All & All is One.

[Chaos (Greek mythology) is where it all started. Nebula, the black hole, Chaos, Nyx]

So the axis require to bring order in the chaos. As going into your NN life path is to bring those learned lessons into your SN. 

Virgo is my comfortzone. Neat, detailed, controled. 


My father: Sun Virgo, Moon Capricorn, Rising Virgo

Lifepath: NN Virgo/SN Pisces


My mother: Sun Leo, Moon Leo, Rising Virgo

Lifepath: NN Leo/SN Aquarius 


Me: Sun Aries, Moon Libra, Rising Sagittarius 

Lifepath: NN Pisces/SN Virgo


My daughter: Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo, Rising Capricorn

Lifepath: NN Capricorn/SN Cancer



✨ 02/09/1941 08.30AM Eindhoven

✝️ 05/12/2004 06.00 AM Engelen


01/08/1943 10.00AM Utrecht

✝️ 24/09/1993 ? (11.05PM) Hellevoetsluis

Life is a scavenger hunt. That's how I name it to experience it. 

As said, from the comfortzone (South Node) I am driven to accumulate experiences heading my North Node. Since mine is at 10° of Pisces 3rd house sextiling exact my Saturn at 10° in Taurus 5th house, I get intellectual, communicative, mental spiritual life lessons to grow & evolve around my sense of security, self worth in the area of the house of creation (children, romantic relationships, sports, theatre, performing & drama). Also the 5th house is related to the father and men in authority as it's the house of Leo. Leo resides in my 8th house and so Leo's are a huge part of my transformative destiny. 

So looking at my lifepath of Pisces/Virgo, the following planets, houses are determining my direction:

- South Node in Virgo 9th house: Mercury (as SN ruler) sitting in my 5th house in Taurus

- North Node in Pisces 3rd house: NeptuneRX sitting in my 12th house in Sagittarius 

- Venus in Taurus as ruler of the 5th house

- JupiterRX in Scorpio as Ascendant ruler

- Lastly I count in my Mars, as co-ruler of Scorpio & Aries (I am) and is exact opposite my NeptuneRX at 0° Gemini (which is again ruled by Mercury) 6th house.

(color coded ellements)

NeptuneRX in Sagittarius under cusp of Scorpio is my Oriental Planet and my ruler of my Pisces North Node and determines my life path, together with Ascendant Ruler JupiterRX in Scorpio. My main lessons for my life path are retrieved from the 12th house (other realms). Since they are RX (retrograde) I have some redoing around Karma (balancing) from previous lives. Meaning, I need to redo some experiences/situations due to unfinished business for my soul to evolve and grow now. Most likely I screwed up before, I am sensing that my full life, not for nothing I have my Karma asteroid at 22° Aries and I am an Aries. Astrology is helping me to clarify what I feel at subconscious level. I know in my soul what I have done wrong before but I leave that for myself. 
During my life I have experienced painful wounds. Loosing my parents at young age where the Universe forced me to leave a lot of Virgo behind pushed me also to look deeper into life trying to find an answer to the 'why'. I have a huge soulwound in Aries at the IC and Chiron is forcing me to heal the wound to become the healer. Since I have experiened it 'all' (death, grief, loneliness, trauma, abuse, deception, betrayal) I am able to identify myself with the wounds of others, partly because I have experienced it myself and partly I am spiritually gifted to see through outside layers and able to put & point my finger on the unhealed issues within people and what processes lies underneath to overcome it. Compassionate (Pisces) being at service (Virgo). 
I am able to bring order (Virgo) in mental and spiritual chaos (Pisces). I am able to dive deep (Neptune) into the soul and transform (Scorpio) the dark into the light. Though all of that didn't came easily. I needed (and still need) to make a lot of twists & turns to acknowledge that within me, healing and transforming myself first, before I am able to do that for others (like the mask in the airplane when oxygen drops). I need to learn it the hardway (logic by all means as I am an Aries, a 'testa dura', hard headed) due to the RX rulers. 


The helpers to those planets of my lifepath are a conjunction of Galileo Galilei to my Neptune, where I can scientifically 'understand'  realms and giving me so many innovative ideas & solutions to combine above & below in day to day life. Jung is exact conjunct my NN in Pisces, where I discovered myself the projection process of the Anima & Animus (feminine & masculine soul), before I ever read anything about him. He makes me understand many psychological processes. 
The arabic 'lot of Spirit' is conjunct my Mercury.
It helps me indicate that which actively brings into my life. This can indicate choices, personal volition as well as career and life direction. Being it conjunct my Venus I can see the beauty in nature which is giving me the insights of how processes in nature function as well retrieving spiritual messages in little details.
I have an ocupied Galactic Centre what gives me forsight, protection and guidance and am being receptive to messenges from the senses (i.e. my nose tingles if the temperature drops or highs with 5°). 

I must emphasize that throughout my life I didn't do anything with the 'woo woo' biz as I didn't see I was any different. But the path from the past years where Pluto is finishing up in Capricorn and since we are moving into the 'age of Aquarius' (Pluto), I am just pushed forward to it through many transformative events in my life (Pluto conjunct progressed Asc, square my Sun, Uranus conjunct Mercury & Venus, natal Uranus going direct in my progressed chart, Lilith return in Leo, transitting SN/NN on the Scorpio-Taurus axis and in a timeloop of karma on steroids since my nodes are direct till Juli 2023 in my progressed chart). Sometimes I just know things. Slow but steady. And now is the time with Saturn on my North Node that I am on the right track as I just know it.


Finished writing on: 20.6.2023/Summer Solstice (whilst starting the article on March 7, where Saturn entered Pisces conjunct my Pholus and today it' just started it's retrograde mode at 7° Pisces, conjunct my North Node). My Solar Arc Moon is released from the 29° of Scorpio today, moved during this Solstice to 0° Saggitarius. It went into into Scorpio on January 1993, the year my mother crossed over. I finished an intense ride of 30 years, closing a deep rooted transformative era, entering a new chapter in life!

Sun @ 29°Gemini (conjunct my Pars Fortunae)

Moon @ 23° Cancer (conjunct my Vertex)

Venus @ 13° Leo (conjunct my Lilith & Vesta) (entered shadow period before going retrograde at 28° Leo)

Devinely orchestrated.

LostOn a painted skyWhere the clouds are hungFor the poet's eyeYou may find himIf you may find him

ThereOn a distant shoreBy the wings of dreamsThrough an open doorYou may know himIf you may

BeAs a page that aches for wordsWhich speaks on a theme that's timelessWhile the Sun God will make for your daySingAs a song in search of a voice that is silentAnd the one God will make for your way

And we danceTo a whispered voiceOverheard by the soulUndertook by the heartAnd you may know itIf you may know it

While the sandWould become the stoneWhich begat the sparkTurned to living boneHoly, holySanctus, sanctus

BeAs a page that aches for wordWhich speaks on a theme that is timelessWhile the Sun God will make for your daySingAs a song in search of a voice that is silentAnd the one God will make for your day


Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the most celebrated inspirational fable of our time, tells the story of a bird determined to be more than ordinary. Most gulls dont bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight - how to get from shore to food and back again, writes author Richard Bach in this allegory about a unique bird named Jonathan Livingston Seagull. For most gulls it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight. Flight is indeed the metaphor that makes this story soar. This Bestselling modern classic is a fable about seeking a higher purpose in life, even if your flock, tribe or neighbourhood finds your ambition threatening (at one point our beloved gull is even banished from his flock). By not compromising his higher vision, Jonathan learns the meaning of love and kindness and gets the ultimate payoff - transcendence. the dreamy illustrations by Russell Munson provide just the right illustrations for this spirituality classic that has inspired thousands of readers to follow their own path in life and so fulfill their true potential.