Phoenix - Concur the Fears (& tears)

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A Phoenix rises from the ashes from it flames. 
burning down old structures and recreate new structures on a burned soil, from scratch and getting out stronger. 

Money versus love. Mars versus Venus. That's the theme of the nodal transits in the signs of Taurus/Scorpio. It's all about values & worth. About security. Emotional and material value. Both values go hand in hand together as they bring us security. Do you loose your value when you loose money or love? Status versus self worth. Man versus woman. 
Two sides of the spectrum, yin&yang, to come to the middle ground: 'Worth'

What is worth? Do we buy ourselfs worth via material possessions or do we create worth by standing for our moral values & believes? Is hapiness for sale? Or do we need to create hapiness within one self? How?
If we loose by force or owndoing our money or self worth, automatically the survival instict comes up to lift up our values. Within the proces we need to concur our fears. Fears of loss, loss of our place where we live, our house, our possessions or loss of people.

If transformation is coming upon us, driven by Plutonic influences (Pluto is the phoenix, the transformer, it destructs layer by layer to the core) an auto-response of fears occurs for loosing what we have. But change is nessesary, if we like it or not. It's like the cells within the human body which regenerates themselves every 7 years. 
where we loose some, we gain some.

Break it down and build it up. Change & transform. 
Lose first, gain later. Destruction & construction.
Every end is a new beginning, one door shuts, whilst another opens.

Darwin says It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change” and that is true. If we resist change, we're swimming against the current. Change is nesssesary to get into a higher energetic frequency, to grow. Within the transformational process we're challenged as humans by pain, sorrow & regret in order to get to happiness, rejoice & satisfaction. How you handle the process makes all the difference, here you are challenged to disrupt without being disruptive. Create karma and face karmic debts. 
You can choose manipulation & control or you let go of control and go with the flow and let go of the outcome. Manipulation and control are born from a fear of loss. What is there to loose? Money? Love? Value? Once you know your own values, there is nothing to loose besides fear itself. 

But how difficult is it to leave comfort when you don't know what lies ahead? Concur those fears and just adapt and trust the outcome. Surrender to the process and the Phoenix will rebuild and rise itself again.



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