✨Intuitive Cards✨

💜 Intuitive card set

40 intuitive cards to help you develop yourself & your intuition

Euro 22,22 incl. shipment costs within the Netherlands 


💜 These cards are for anyone who is open to exploring & change.

For anyone who wants to learn & experience; for those who are searching for answers or exploring the mind.


How does it work?

The first couple of cards are to explore your chart and write down the planets & signs (astr.com to get your horoscope) as well there is a brief explanation to help you with your questions. Take the exploration cards out, keep them separate.

Take a quiet moment, ask what you wanna know, shuffle the cards and take 3 cards out of the pile. It is also possible to shuffle the 3 different sections of the set and pull a card out of each set.

Section 1: numerology cards

Section 2: feathered cards

Section 3: astrology cards

Play with them and see what comes to mind & build your story and answers


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