✨Stuck in a rut - from burn-out to burn-in✨

Available from April 2024

💜 What is offered?

Advice & help on:

How to overcome repeatedly life struggles. How you can pick up all the balls you kept in the air and are all over the floor. 
How to get your balance back, inner balance and how to deal with triggers from the outside world. Based upon your horoscope we can look into life it's pitfalls and see how to change behavioral patterns.

💜 What is the price?

Price will be determined based upon the need.

'Simple Start'     (55 euro)

'Medium Care'    (99 euro)

'Total Deal'          (222 euro)


💜 What is needed?

Birth date, place of birth and most important: time of birth (note: with no tob there is no accuracy guaranteed!)

💜 Language?

English or Dutch 

💜 Personal intake via phonecall where we can determine where the rut is. 

Intake is free of charge!

✨discretion guaranteed ✨